21 NFL Heisman vs. Heisman Match-Ups Kick Off Sunday

There are nine Heisman Trophy winners active in the NFL for the 2022 season and they will match up in head-to-head competition 21 times over the next 18 weekends.

In fact, there are only two weeks throughout the season in which there are no Heisman-vs-Heisman games, in Weeks 2 and 14.

New Orleans, quarterbacked by 2013 winner Jameis Winston with 2009 winner Mark Ingram back as the trophy’s elder statesman in the league, has the most Heisman match-ups as Winston will see members from the Heisman fraternity eight times.

Atlanta and Carolina, featuring first-year starters Marcus Mariota and Baker Mayfield, respectively, each have seven match-ups against against Heisman rivals.

Those three teams, of course, reside in the NFC South, while the AFC North still features Lamar Jackson leading Baltimore and Joe Burrow directing Cincinnati, the latter looking to repeat as conference champion.

Burrow will face Heisman winners six times while Jackson will do it five times.

Kyler Murray and Arizona will face Heisman winners in four games, DeVonta Smith and Philadelphia will have three Heisman match-ups while Derrick Henry and Tennessee have a pair.

Mariota will debut for the Falcons in Week 1 against Winston in the first Heisman tete-a-tete of the season.

Murray and Mayfield, teammates at Oklahoma, are set to meet for the second season in a row, this time in a Week 4 Match-up.

Alabama fans will see their Heisman winners meet in Week 13 with the Titans’ Henry against the Eagles’ Smith as well as in Week 17 with Smith against the Saints’ Ingram.


Heisman vs. Heisman 2022 Schedule

Week 1 – ATL at NO

Week 2 – No game

Week 3 – NO at CAR

Week 4 – AZ at CAR

Week 5 – PHI at AZ, CIN at BAL

Week 6 – CIN at NO

Week 7  – NO at AZ, ATL at CIN

Week 8 – CAR at ATL

Week 9 – BALT at NO, CAR at CIN

Week 10 – ATL at CAR

Week 11 CAR at BAL

Week 12 – CIN at TEN

Week 13 – TEN at PHIL

Week 14 – No game

Week 15 – ATL at NO

Week 16 – ATL at BALT

Week 17 – AZ at ATL, NO at PHIL

Week 18 – BAL at CIN, CAR at NO