The 2024 NFL Schedule Is Out, Here Are The Heisman Matchups

2016 Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson while quarterbacking the Baltimore Ravens in a 2023 NFL playoff win over Houston. Credit: Baltimore Ravens

The NFL released its 2024 schedule and it will feature a multitude of Heisman vs. Heisman matchups this coming season.

Also noteworthy is the primetime spots Heisman winners will have in the first two games of the season.

New Heisman teammates Lamar Jackson (2016) and Derrick Henry (2015), the latter a first-year Raven, will lead Baltimore in the NFL’s first game of the season on Thursday, Sept. 5, at Kansas City in a re-match of last year’s AFC Championship game.

The following day, DeVonta Smith (2020) and Philadelphia will also play a nationally-televised prime time game, hosting Green Bay on Friday, Sept. 6,

The only Heisman matchup in Week 1 will see our 2023 winner Jayden Daniels, teamed with 2014 winner and new mentor Marcus Mariota on Washington, travel to Tampa Bay to take on 2017 winner Baker Mayfield, in his second year starting for Buccaneers. 

Daniels and Mariota, in fact, have nine scheduled dates against teams featuring Heisman winners and are set to play each remaining team with a Heisman player, including six consecutive dates from Week 3 to Week 8.

Among the notable Heisman matchups to mark on your calendars is that Week 8 game when Washington will host Chicago and 2022 Heisman winner Caleb Williams.

Williams first chance to square off against a fellow Heisman winner will come in week five when the Bears host Carolina and 2021 winner Bryce Young. Daniels’ only other game scheduled against a Heisman winner is in Week at Arizona, led by Kyler Murray (2018).

Young has seven games slated against Heisman opponents, as does Joe Burrow with Cincinnati, Smith with the Eagles and Jackson and Henry with the Ravens.

Jameis Winston, now the expected backup in Cleveland, has six dates with the Browns against Heisman winners while Mayfield and Tampa Bay have five such dates and Murray and Arizona have three.

Other key games to circle on the calendar are Burrow’s two dates against Jackson and Henry and division rival Baltimore, Daniels and Young, former SEC rival QBs, squaring off in Week 7, Daniels on Monday Night Football at Cincinnati in Week 3 and Mayfield’s Tampa team hosting the Ravens’ pair of Heisman winner on Monday Night Football in Week 7.

Below is a breakdown of the matchups.

WASHINGTON (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 1 – at Tampa Bay (Mayfield)
Week 3 – at Cincinnati (Burrow, Monday Night Football)
Week 4 – at Arizona (Murray)
Week 5 – Cleveland (Winston)
Week 6 – at Baltimore (Jackson, Henry)
Week 7 – Carolina (Young)
Week 8 – Chicago (Williams)
Week 11 – at Philadelphia (Smith)
Week 16 – Philadelphia (Smith)
CHICAGO (Willams)
Week 5 – Carolina (Young)
Week 8 – at Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 9 – at Arizona (Murray)
Week 4 – Cincinnati (Burrow)
Week 5 – at Chicago (Williams)
Week 7 – at Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 13 – Tampa Bay (Mayfield)
Week 14 – at Philadelphia (Smith)
Week 16 – Arizona (Murray)
Week 17 – at Tampa Bay (Mayfield)
Week 4 – at Tampa Bay (Mayfield)
Week 6 – Cleveland (Winston)
Week 8 – at Cincinnati (Burrow)
Week 11 – Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 13 – at Baltimore (Jackson, Henry)
Week 14 – Carolina (Young)
Week 16 – at Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Cincinnati (Burrow)
Week 3 –  Washington (Daniels, Mariota, Monday Night Football)
Week 4 – at Carolina (Young)
Week 5 – Baltimore (Jackson, Henry)
Week 7 – at Cleveland (Winston)
Week 8 – Philadelphia (Smith)
Week 10 – at Baltimore (Jackson, Henry, Thursday Night Football)
Week 16 – Cleveland (Winston, Thursday Night Football)
ARIZONA (Murray) 
Week 4 – Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 9 – Chicago (Williams)
Week 16 – at Carolina (Young)
TAMPA BAY (Mayfield)
Week 1 – Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 4 – Philadelphia (Smith)
Week 7 – Baltimore (Jackson, Henry, Monday Night Football)
Week 13 – at Carolina (Young)
Week 17 – Carolina (Young)
BALTIMORE (Jackson and Henry)
Week 5 – at Cincinnati (Burrow)
Week 6 – Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 7 – at Tampa Bay (Mayfield, Monday Night Football
Week 8 – at Cleveland (Winston)
Week 10 – Cincinnati (Burrow, Thursday Night Football)
Week 13 – Philadelphia (Smith)
Week 18 – Cleveland (Winston)
Week 5 – at Washington (Daniels, Mariota)
Week 6 – at Philadelphia (Smith)
Week 7 – Cincinnati (Burrow)
Week 8 – Baltimore (Jackson, Henry)
Week 16 – at Cincinnati (Burrow, Thursday Night Football)
Week 18 – at Baltimore (Jackson, Henry)