Remembering The Victims Of 9-11, Reflecting Back On Our 2001 Heisman Weekend

Today we honor and remember those who tragically lost their lives 20 years ago. We are also reflecting back at our unique 2001 Heisman Trophy weekend less than three months later. A day after winning the trophy, Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch toured Ground Zero where he met members of the NYPD, FDNY and other first responders. #NeverForget

Crouch later reflected back on his poignant yet uplifting visit to Ground Zero.

“What was unique about my year was the Heisman seemed not to matter, because it was after 9/11. It was an emotional time coming here because after I won the award we went down to Ground Zero to visit the firefighters and the people that were still down there working hard who had lost a lot of their best friends. It was still burning, it was still on fire. It was quite the experience. I’ve got some tremendous photographs and memories from that time. But the first thing that I said was that the Heisman Trophy seemed not to matter and when I finally showed up at Ground Zero, it seemed to put a smile on people’s faces. So it really did matter and it meant a lot to those that were down there to get just a little bit of a break and for me to be able to thank them, too, for all their hard work.”