Remembering Nile Kinnick

This summer marks a couple important anniversaries in Heisman lore, namely the 75th anniversary of the tragic death of Iowa’s Nile Kinnick on June 2, 1943.

Kinnick was the first Heisman winner to perish, as the fighter plane he was piloting went down on a training mission off the coast of Venezuela during World War II. He was just four years removed from an ironman senior season that saw him average 57 minutes per game while doing seemingly everything for the Hawkeyes.

In addition, July 9 will mark the 100th anniversary of Kinnick’s birth.

Iowa’s alumni magazine has put together great coverage on Kinnick, highlighting his final days, while taking a close look at his Hawkeye legacy.  There’s even rare audio of Kinnick doing a radio interview.

For anyone interested in the history of Iowa and the Heisman, it’s a must-read.