Highlights from Friday’s Heisman finalist press conference

Finalists With Heisman 2018

The three 2018 Heisman finalists met with media today. Here are a few highlights:

Dwayne Haskins

On the Heisman experience…

It’s been everything to be able to sit down with these guys and have fun, answer questions, go to the New York Stock Exchange. It’s been a great opportunity for all of us and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

One when he first started to think about winning the Heisman…

I knew I wanted to be here, in the conversation at the end of the season. I just knew I had to step up to the plate to perform enough to be considered for that award. I try to be as consistent as I can for my teammates and go out and get wins. That’s been the biggest focus all year.

On getting advice from previous Buckeye Heisman winners…

I talked to Troy (Smith), talked to Eddie (George). Archie (Griffin) is around the program a lot. They all talked to me about the experience and how much it meant for them to be there. They won it, so that’s pretty cool to have fellow Ohio State Buckeyes telling you what it’s like and explain to you how it’s going to be. It gets you excited for the opportunity.

On whether he has thought about what he’d say if he wins the Heisman…

I’ve thought about it. I haven’t anything down or anything like that. I always give thanks to the man above, and family and support system. But not anything to where I’ve written anything down. I’m just excited to be here.

Kyler Murray

On the Heisman experience

I’m really just taking it all in. It’s been fun. It’s been a dream come true just to be a part of it. This whole week  been a little busy and hectic but it’s a once in a lifetime deal. So, for me, it’s been fun.

On the hectic pace of the Heisman weekend…

Tua had the opportunity to be here as a sophomore, he’s coming back, so he might have a chance to come again next year. But for a lot of people it’s a once in a lifetime deal. We can take all the questions and moving around for a couple days. It’s just what it comes with.

On talking with Baker Mayfield…

We’ve been talking and exchanging words all week. We just talked about how fun it is to be in this position and have your family here while we get to enjoy this time.

On the similarities of his season with Mayfield’s last year…

I don’t think you can say it’s system. You have to have feel to play the quarterback position. Either you can or you can’t. I think it’s just a credit to the work he and I put in. The focus, the consistency and the will to win. When you’re doing the right things on and off the field, good things happen.

On when he first started to think about winning the Heisman…

My whole life, since I was a young guy growing up, playing football. If you asked me if I expected to be here, I’d say yes. I’m confident in my abilities. I knew what we have as a team. For me, I wasn’t worried about the Heisman, but I also knew that if we did well I’d have the opportunity to be here.

On what he’ll say if he wins the Heisman…

Thank God and thank a lot of people who have helped along the way to get to this point.

Tua Tagovailoa

On the Heisman experience

It’s been awesome. The lifestyle here is different, the culture is different. Traffic is a lot different, too. The way people drive out here is different. Thus far it’s been a great experience.

One when he first started to think about winning the Heisman

I believe it started way back. As a kid, you dream of things like this. I would’ve never thought I’d have the opportunity to be here, but I thank God that I do have the opportunity now. I’m thankful that I’m here and being surrounded by two other guys who are worthy of this award as well.

On what he’ll say if he wins the Heisman…

Haven’t thought of that yet. I should start taking notes, if anything, if I do win it.

On the pressure of the Heisman ceremony vs. the pressure of playing football….

It’s different. I wouldn’t say there’s pressure or anxiety with getting awards and being a part of it. I guess it just comes with all your hard work and what you do.