Did you know? The 1980s Heismans

Bo Jackson's Heisman dinner

Time for the latest in a series of trivia tidbits about Heisman Trophy winners.  Today, a few notes on Heisman winners from the 1980s.

Did you know …

…1980 winner George Rogers was the first of four Heisman winners to be drafted by the New Orleans Saints.

… Rogers is one of just seven Heisman-winning backs to appears in a Super Bowl.

… Marcus Allen is the only player in history to win a national title, a Heisman, a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl MVP and an NFL MVP.

… Allen was the first player to be present as his Heisman award was announced live on television.

… Herschel Walker is one of three players — Glenn Davis and Doak Walker being the others — to finish in the top 3 of the Heisman vote three times.

… Walker is the most recent player to finish as both a Heisman winner and Heisman runner up in his career.

… Walker became the only Heisman winner to also compete in an Olympics when he competed in the bobsled at the 1992 winter games.

… Walker’s Heisman announcement in 1982 was the first to be part of a live TV show in which finalists were present.

… Walker was the first Heisman winner to skip his remaining year of college eligibility to play professional football.

… Mike Rozier was the last of 11-consecutive running backs to win the Heisman Trophy from 1973 to 1983.

… Rozier was the first Heisman winner to play 12 regular season games.

… Doug Flutie was the first quarterback to win the Heisman since Pat Sullivan in 1971.

… Flutie was short at 5-9, but Davey O’Brien at 5-7 is still the shortest Heisman winner.

… Bo Jackson is one of two Heisman winners to play Major League Baseball (Ohio State’s Vic Janowicz is the other).

… Jackson is the only Heisman winner to become an all-star in Major League Baseball.

… Vinny Testaverde is the only Heisman winner born in New York State.

… Testaverde was the first fifth-year senior to win the Heisman.

… Tim Brown in high school spent his freshman year playing in the school marching band.

… Barry Sanders was the first Heisman winner to take part in a live Heisman announcement from a remote location, in his case, Tokyo, Japan.

… Sanders was the first Heisman winner to skip his remaining season or seasons of eligibility to enter the NFL draft.

… Sanders was the first player since Sullivan to win the Heisman BEFORE playing in his last regular season game.

… Andre Ware is the only player to win the Heisman playing for a team on probation.

… Ware is the most recent player to win the Heisman without going to a bowl and first since Steve Owensin 1969.

… Ware attended a junior college but did not play football after being declared ineligible as a freshman by the NCAA.