Age and the Heisman

“Youth is wasted on the young” is a common saying that does not apply to Heisman Trophy winners, all of whom (with one exception) accomplished this life-changing feat before reaching their 24th birthdays.

It’s well known by now in Heisman lore that Lamar Jackson of Louisville is the youngest winner (age 19 years, 337 days) and that Florida State’s Chris Weinke (age 28 years, 131 days) is the oldest. But these two didn’t always hold that distinction.

Here’s a look at the progression of the youngest and oldest winners.

The Youngest Heisman Winners (Progession)

1935Jay Berwanger21 years,
260 days
1936Larry Kelley21 years,
191 days
1938Davey O’Brien21 years,
164 days
1939Nile Kinnick21 years,
137 days
1940Tom Harmon21 years,
77 days
1945Felix “Doc” Blanchard20 years,
363 days
1950Vic Janowicz20 years,
288 days
1958Pete Dawkins20 years,
275 days
1964John Huarte20 years,
232 days
1974Archie Griffin20 years,
104 days
1994Rashaan Salaam20 years,
63 days
2009Mark Ingram19 years,
356 days
2013Jameis Winston19 years,
342 days
2016Lamar Jackson19 years,
337 days

The Oldest Heisman Winners (Progression)

1935Jay Berwanger21 years
260 days
1937Clinton Frank22 years,
79 days
1942Angelo Bertelli22 years,
167 days
1944Les Horvath23 years,
52 days
1978Billy Sims23 years,
78 days
2000Chris Weinke28 years,
131 days