Will Kyler Murray play football after all?

Kyler Murray from Oklahoma wins the Heisman Trophy show on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018 in New York, NY. Todd Van Emst/Heisman Trust

It seemed a fait accompli that Kyler Murray would become the third Heisman winner to play Major League baseball.

But according to recent reports, he might end up in the NFL draft after all:

Per the Chronicle, Murray’s decision to enter the NFL draft does not guarantee that he will reject his $4.66 mililion deal with the A’s outright. But it does increase the likelihood he plays pro football rather than baseball. Murray would have to return his signing bonus to Oakland if he does not play for the club.

If Murray does end up playing both professional football and baseball, he’ll be the first Heisman winner to pull off that feat since Bo Jackson.